Thursday, November 3, 2016


November 1, 2016
Elder Sweat y Elder Quiros en Patzicia!!!

Dear family of Elder Dietrich Bowman Sweat,

It is with love that we inform you that Elder Sweat, has been called to serve as a District Leader in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission.  This is a responsibility and opportunity to lead missionaries by example.

As a District Leader, Elder Sweat will be required to hold a weekly training meaning and assist in the mission training program as directed by the mission president. He is expected to be an example to all of the missionaries in his district. We know that he will fulfill this responsibility with honor.

We thank Elder Sweat for his desire to serve the Lord and keep his commitment as outlined in his call from the First Presidency.

Yours Faithfully,

Melvin G. Markham
Mission President

There are a bunch of cowboys here, haha. It's kind of like Idaho but more mountains.  I haven't been able to go to Tecpan yet but we will this week.  Most of the people here can speak spanish and don't respond in the native language.  But I at least want to learn a little Kaqchikel.

It was like 60 degrees this last week, so super different ha.   The food is lots of soups with a thing called wiskil which is kind of like squash.  It's pretty good.  Lots of chicken, too.  It's definitely a new experience and hard but I know that we are going to have success here.  We can do it.

MIRACLE Letter to Presidente Markham--We had a miracle because the Presidente de Rama (branch president) had a noche de hogar con nosotros y sus consejeros y familias (home evening with us and his counsielors and the families).  We taught caridad (charity) and afterwards Pres. Escobar stood up and like did a sermon, haha. But it was awesome because he was saying that he has the trust in us and wants the they can all bring one menos activo (less active) and one investgador to the church to be converted baptized by the end of this year. Really was special b/c we now have the trust of the obizbado and we are really going to work together to help lots of people change.

P.S.  I dont know if I told you but Elder Quiros enterd the field with me so pretty cool.

Les Amo Mucho
Elder Sweat

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