Tuesday, September 20, 2016



The sister we baptized is so great and so converted to the gospel. What I love is every time we visit she's telling us that she can wash our shirts or if we need food and this Sunday she was asking if she could pay her tithing now, ha ha. I was like for sure and she wanted take some tithing papers.  I was just like take all you want sister, ha ha she's awesome.

Elder Molina is great and teaches superb and likes to joke around.  This week was  little rough cuz we didn't have a house so we were looking for one but we are trying to find it by the spirit.

Love to all the family!

Les Amo
Elder Sweat

P.S.  Funny story.  So, we went a little late to leave one of our areas that only has buses at certain times but miraculously we found one and squeezed on and there were only women on this bus and like 2 guys but the rest women.  We were crammed in this tiny busito and we found out that they were a soccer team.  But they were yelling and screaming and laughing and it just felt like something out of a movie and it was pretty funny.  Elder Molina was like, "Hey!  Don't yell!"  And then they all started like yelling at him.  Not, like mad, but like dude, be cool ha ha ha, pretty fun.  Amo la mision (I love the mission).

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