Thursday, July 6, 2017


"Did you meet your new Mission President, President Cluff?  I think he is from the Nauvoo Ward!  I hope that you will do everything to help him be successful and have a smooth transition from President Markham.  President & Sister Markham seemed so great.  I'm sure they are a great blessing in your life"  Yes, we met our new Mission President and his wife.  He (President Cluff) is definitely very different than President Markham.  Hermana Markham said we just have to keep moving on and working hard to baptize.  They definitely are.

"How has your first week been with Elder Griffin?"  Great!  "Is he also a Zone Leader?"   Yes, we are both Zone Leaders.  

We were able to baptize Hermana A. from the G. family.  Super special cuz her husband was able to baptize her and he has just finished a year of being a convert.  I was able to give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost, which was really special, too.  We were so happy for this experience and to see the happiness in the whole family.  The famlia J. are great and are scheduled for this fin de semana (weekend) so we will keep y'all informed and if you guys can keep praying for them and the familias G. and R. still, please.  

We have found some cool people.  We prayed in the street cuz we have been struggling to find new people and Elder Griffin prayed that we could find a familia of 7!  Haha.  So we went out trying to follow, the best we could, the Spirit.  We contacted a guy going to his house and we built a puente (bridge) with him real fast and he told us they had 7 people in his family!!!  We put a cita (appointment) with him this week so we will see what happens.  Please pray for the familia L. and familia G. 

"I also helped a family move on Friday.  I could have used the Sweat boys' strength and hands, but I think I would have made you all proud.  People were surprised when I lifted up the piano and was basically holding it with one arm--little do they know that I've moved many pianos.  Anyway, I think I have a talent for helping people move.  One thing I notice is that I always feel better after I serve.  I need to do it more."  excerpt from a letter from Terrell, Elder Sweat's dad  just remember moving the piano to G's house, haha.  That was crazy.  I actually like to help move people, too, lifting hard stuff and whatnot.  Service is great!  It's one of the only ways we can bring the feelings we get in the mission into our lives, from a talk in one of the Liahonas.  

President Markham told us we should celebrate repentance!  I like that cuz we really do feel happier afterwards.  "To teach us all that we must do, Jesus Christ led the way by giving the perfect example that we must try to emulate. He pleads with us with arms outstretched to come, follow Him. And when we fail, which we all do, He reminds us, “For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent.”What a wonderful gift! Repentance is not a punishment; it is a privilege. It is a privilege that leads and guides us. No wonder the scriptures declare that we should teach nothing save repentance." -  Elder M. Joseph Brough, April, 2017 General Conference   
Les Amo un Monton
Elder Sweat

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