Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It was a great experience to Skype with my family on Mother's Day.     

Yeah, we were happy that our new convert was finally confirmed.  Everything with his house is fine, now . We are helping him to be more integrated and pumped for receiving the priesthood and all that jazz.

P.S.  I got a new companion.  He is from Honduras.  He's pretty cool. (Elder Sweat is standing next to him in this photo.)  We are going to work hard and baptize.

P.P.S.  I'm in my same area, ha ha.  I hope the family is doing awesome.  I love you all so much!


Elder Sweat

*Note from the editor.  I wanted to share two accounts of a very sacred experience that happened in Elder Sweat's mission last week.  Elder Sweat confirmed that the events are true, but did not wish to relate his account.  I am so touched by this story.  

The following account is written by a male missionary and shared by his mother on our group Facebook page.  I have omitted names.  


HELLOOO so.... this week was climaxed by something crazy but also scary that happened (not to me), but I will tell you about it.
So, this week we had a multi-zone conference with all of the missionaries that are in the City part of the mission. The conference in and of itself was really inspiring. Different segments given by different leaders in the mission. It was really great. It got over, and we were all super pumped and READY to go out and work and stuff, super awesome. BUT THEN... DRAMA.
So the conference was happening in the Chapel that is part of my area (el Frutal). The main gate of the chapel opens up into a major highway, where almost all of the people of Guatemala are always passing. So anyways, one of the sister missionaries was leaving the gate and crossing the street when a car whipped around the corner really fast and hit the sister, sending her flipping to the other side of the road.
Immediately, the whole group of missionaries that had also been waiting for buses and stuff were on the scene, stoppíng traffic and trying to protect the hermana. The driver of the car sped off. Our mission president came out running to see the hermana (face down on the ground), He gave her a Priesthood blessing while other missionaries called an ambulance. Before she received the blessing, she had been screaming in pain, but immediately afterwards, she just kind of stopped and stayed still and peaceful (not passed out). In the blessing, president promised that help would arrive immediately, and it did,
Medics, "gringos", who spoke both English and Spanish, appeared LITERALLY out of nowhere. I was watching the whole thing, almost from beginning to end, and they just kind of stepped out of nowhere. One of them immediately came beside the sister, took off his backpack, and opened it (it was full of nothing but bandages and sterile gauze. He started patching up a nasty cut on her head immediately while they were waiting for an ambulance. The ambulance got there after 10 minutes, and took her to the hospital. The mystery medics just kind of disappeared again. No one saw where they went, I didn't either.
The sister got to the hospital and was reviewed, but didn't brake a single bone, even though she had been flipped into the air and was thrown to the other side of the highway. She is in recovery now, and is going to stay on the mission, with no lasting damage.
Just want you guys to know that I believe in miracles, angels, and protection from God. It couldn't be the church of Christ without them.I have seen too many of these things that I cannot deny it. this experience made me know that god really does protect his missionaries. I hope that you can see this is true when you read this story. I love you guys lots! I pray for you! Have an amazing week

The following account is written and blogged about by a sister missionary.  i have taken out the personal details of the missionaries involved.  

This week, I really saw the hand of God at work. 

We had a really amazing multizone conference. All of the assistants talked and it was really edifying. But what happened after really changed everything. 

I had just seen all of my companions! I was giving them all hugs. The sister missionary handed me a note and told me she was sad because my mom doesn't write her anymore!! My companion and I left the church, and ran across the street to catch the bus. We turned around right in time to see this same sister missionary (my trainer) get hit by a car. She was hit on her side and flipped into the air and landed on her face and head. Another sister missionary told me I screamed her name but I don't remember. We ran back across the street as someone called for our mission president and the ambulance. President ran out as hermanas were trying to stop the blood with their sweaters. The sister missionary who was hit was screaming and crying. It was horrible. President then gave her a Priesthood blessing and she calmed immediately. About a minute later, two large white men came out of nowhere with a bunch of emergency medical equipment. They went to work until the ambulance came. The ambulance then arrived and rushed her off to the hospital. The whole experience was quite terrifying. I cried a lot but I would like to focus on what we learned when we looked back.

First of all, the sister stepped back just a little bit and so the racing car only hit her side instead of full on.It could have been a lot worse. She doesn't have ANY broken bones. We discussed it, and I am sure that because of the Priesthood blessing, she was healed. There is no way she could have walked away without broken bones. I am so grateful for the Priesthood. For all the worthy men who can bless our lives. As this was all going on, the Elders formed a circle around her blocking traffic. I am sure that there were angels with us. 

The huge white medics were leaving as I told them thank you. I turned around to look at my companion, turned back around, and they were gone. Some of the missionaries think they were angels or two of the three Nephites. All I know is that God was there yesterday.

In the conference, an elder told us that as missionaries, we have the power to call on angels to help us. I have no doubt that every missionary was praying in their hearts and out loud for angels to save her. 

Investigators were following behind the vehicle and saw the whole thing. The perpetrator fled, but they followed him, and the police caught them eventually. 

The sister is OKAY!! She is in the hospital, healing.  The mission president's wife says she will rest but that she is going to stay in the mission.

I have thought many times that God is with us. But never more in my life have I been a stronger witness of his veracidad. HE LIVES. HE LOVES US. WE ARE HIS CHILDREN. He will never abandon us. I love Him and am so grateful in my heart for His help. I love my trainer very much and I am filled with the testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel.

I love you all. Look for the hand of God in your lives. He is there. 

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