Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 2, 2017---100%, A LITTLE DUO, I LOVE THE MISSION

May 2, 2017

It's great here.  We are looking for more people right now and are starting to find some cool people that are pretty close to the church so that's a plus, ha. Something super awesome is that 82% of the missionaries in the mission baptized so there is a lot of work going on.  The goal is to have 100% of the missionaries baptize new converts so we are trying to find the ways how we can do that.  We are learning to put our trust in God by continuing to work diligently and being smart about it, too.  We are following the impressions of the Spirit.

Les Amo
Elder Sweat

P.S.  Fun experience:  So here in our mission we contact people on the buses we get on. We usually will get in front and yell to everybody presenting ourselves and contact the people on the bus one by one to see when we can pass by.  But my companion, Elder Brown, had a great idea.  We decided to sing a hymn on the bus in front of everyone!  Hahaha!  Our hearts were pounding but we got in the middle after presenting ourselves and we started to sing El Alba Ya Rompe (The Day Dawn is Breaking), haha.  Pretty cool and nerve wracking but we were super pumped after we did it, haha.  A little duo.  

The mission is great and I'm glad I'm here learning so many things. Amo la mision. Amo el Salvador porque el me da la fuerza a seguir adelante y seguir trabajando a encontrar mas almas a traer a el.  (I love the mission. I love Salvador because it gives me the strength to go ahead and keep working to find more souls to bring him.)

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